This is a collection of demo videos featuring the Doepfer A-100 series of modules. My goal is to complete a full range of A-100 module videos, you can support me on Patreon or donate missing modules to make this happen.

Here's a link to my Modular grid page.

DOEPFER A-100 series

-  WANTED  -  A-101-1 Vactrol Steiner Filter
VIDEO / BUY  A-101-2 Vactrol Lowpass Gate
-  WANTED  -  A-101-6 Six Stage Opto FET VCA
VIDEO / BUY  A-104 Trautonium Formant Filt.
VIDEO / BUY  A-106-5 SEM Filter
-  WANTED  -  A-106-6 XP Filter
VIDEO / BUY  A-108 Lowpass Filter 6 - 48db
VIDEO / BUY  A-110-1 Standard VCO
VIDEO / BUY  A-110-4 Quadrature True Zero VCO
VIDEO / BUY  A-110-6 Trapezoid True Zero Q VCO
VIDEO / BUY  A-118 Noise / Random
VIDEO / BUY  A-119 Ext.In/ Envelope Follower
VIDEO / BUY  A-124 WASP Filter
-  WANTED  -  A-121-2 12db Multi-Mode Filter
VIDEO / BUY  A-121S Stereo Multimode Filter
-  WANTED  -  A-125 VC Phase Shifter
VIDEO / BUY  A-126-2 Frequency Shifter
-  WANTED  -  A-127 VC Resonance Filter
VIDEO / BUY  A-130-8 Octal Linear VCA
VIDEO / BUY  A-131 Exponential VCA
-  WANTED  -  A-135-1 Quad Lin. VCA / VC Mix
VIDEO / BUY  A-136 Distortion / Waveshaper
VIDEO / BUY  A-137-1 Wave Multiplier
VIDEO / BUY  A-138j Inverting / Interrupting Mixer
VIDEO / BUY  A-138m Matrix Mixer
VIDEO / BUY  A-143-1 Complex Envelope Generator / LFO
VIDEO / BUY  A-143-2 Quad ADSR
VIDEO / BUY  A-143-4 Quad VCLFO / VCO
VIDEO / BUY  A-147-4 Dual VCLFO
VIDEO  / BUY  A-148 Dual Sample and Hold
VIDEO / BUY  A-149-1 Quantised / Stored Random Voltages
VIDEO  / BUY  A-149-2 Digital Rand. Volt.
VIDEO / BUY  A-150 Dual Volt. Ctrl. Switch
VIDEO / BUY  A-151 Quad Sequential Switch
VIDEO / BUY  A-152 Addressed T&H / Switch
VIDEO / BUY  A-154 Sequencer Controller
VIDEO / BUY A-155 Analog-/ Trigger Seq.
VIDEO / BUY  A-156 Dual Quantiser
VIDEO / BUY  A-160-2 Clock Divider 2
VIDEO / BUY  A-160-5 VC Clock Multiplier
VIDEO / BUY  A-162 Dual Trigger Delay
-  WANTED  -  A-166 Dual Logic Module
-  WANTED  -  A-168-1 PWM Generater
VIDEO / BUY  A-171-2 VC Slew Processor Gen.
-  WANTED  -   A-174-2 Wheels
VIDEO / BUY  A-180-2 Multiples
VIDEO / BUY  A-181 Multi-Port Distributor
VIDEO / BUY  A-183-1 Dual Attenuator
VIDEO / BUY  A-185-1 Bus Access
VIDEO / BUY  A-185-2 Precision Adder Buffer
VIDEO / BUY  A-189-1 Volt. Ctrl. Bit Modifier
VIDEO / BUY  A-190-8 USB / Midi Sync Interface
VIDEO / BUY  A-196 Phase Locked Loop
VIDEO / BUY  A-198 Trautonium Controller
VIDEO / BUY  A-199 Spring Reverb


VIDEO / BUY  Flexshaper
VIDEO / BUY  Tweakers


VIDEO / BUY  Buildup & Drop

VIDEO / BUY  Matriarch Back 2 Front


VIDEO / BUY  Starlab


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